Etruscan Coast Holidays

La Costa degli Etruschi - Villa Denise

Sea and Beaches

The Costa degli Etruschi, one of the most beautiful shores in Tuscnay, with clear water, the wonderful Park of Rimigliano, the rocks of the Buca delle Fate, the Gulf of Baratti etc.

The Villa Denise summer house, just 5km from the beach, offers to its guests a breathtaking view of the coast.
There are many beaches that deserve to be visited, from Livorno to Piombino, a sequence of beatiful sights both of rock landscapes and of sand beaches.

Remember that in San Vincenzo the Dog Beach is a facility born for those who don’t want to give up their dog on holiday. Villa Denise, whichi accepts pets, has a special agreement with this facility and offers special discounts during the whole season.

Il Golfo di Baratti e Populonia - Villa Denise

Ancient Tuscany

The taste of Tuscany is to be found in the towns of Campiglia Marittima and Suvereto. Both are located on the traditional tuscan hills, with an extrememly ancient origin, they offer the best of the Costa.

Etrusca with many events and fairs. Here you may find local oil and wine, probably buying it directly from the producers.

La Costa degli Etruschi - Villa Denise

Parks and Nature

This piece of coast is famous for a special and dense kind of vegetation which is called “Macchia
Mediterranea”. The natural park of Rimigliano (San Vincenzo) is the highest representation of this type of landscape with 11 km of extension. Apart from Rimigliano, the “I Parchi della Val
di Cornia” are composed of the Parco Archeominerario
of San Silvestro and the Rocca in Campiglia, the
Natural Park of the Sterpaia is another marvelous place and the very famous Archeological park of Baratti and Populonia with the italian most famous Etruscan necropolis and the Etruscan museum.

Il Golfo di Baratti e Populonia - Villa Denise

Gulf of Baratti

A wonderful example of uncontaminated nature, ideal place for your holiday and relax. From the apartments of Villa Denise you can admire the Gulf, which is very close.